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Author Topic: Natural Chefs Unite! Be apart of a Chef Co-op based in East Bay  (Read 2471 times)

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We are a growing group of Bauman grads and other chefs interested in combining our efforts and resources to benefit each of our individual and collective goals.

What is this about?

To sum up what we are doing very simply is we are developing a Natural Chef Co-op to bring together each persons business to leverage our resources and talents that can help support our individual and collective goals.

But I've got my own full time projects and clients!

We each have unique ideas and goals, so I feel that this wouldn't hinder what each chef would want to do, but would give an outlet and community for some of our more involved goals while being a platform of growth and income for everyone involved.

Great, but what does this look like in real life?

Here are some examples of our ideas that we could benefit from and some of us are working on developing:

-A fasting retreat
-Purchasing an established healthy food restaurant (which includes a catering bus)
-Developing a Healthy Mobile meal service using the above catering bus (Which could potentially double as a rental commercial kitchen space for other caterers or chefs, among other ideas)
-Putting together a Food service booth. Which could be used to provide food at festivals and events, or be used as a demo/instructional kitchen at various venues (think farms, schools, events, etc...) (one of our chefs would like to make a human powered bike blender a part of this service)
-Purchase food/ products/ supplies/ or kitchen time in large amounts to take advantage of wholesale prices.
-Develop a network to provide client referrals and fill-in chefs for when chefs need time off.
-The structure could be a not-for-profit co-op that contracts and compensates chefs with their own businesses. This would simplify liquidity of interests and liabilities associated with being a part of the co-op. More details of the structure are open for debate.

Awesome, how could I be apart of what you are doing?
Contact me about your interest in this project, bring some of your ideas and needs as a chef along with a few snacks and join us for a brainstorming/planing/snacking meeting the second week of April (date yet to be set)

Jay Holecek
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