Halloween Detox

Feel like you’re starting to turn into a chunk of chocolate?

Here are a few easy Halloween detox tips:

  1. Load up on fiber-rich foods – Try having oatmeal with flaxseeds for breakfast, celery sticks with hummus for an afternoon snack, and a whole grain veggie sandwich for lunch. Fiber helps move toxins out of your system and vegetables help build up nutrient levels in your body.
  2. Make sure to get enough vitamin D – Take a stroll during your lunch break to catch some rays of sunlight. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb the nutrients from our food.
  3. Turkey, it’s what’s for dinner – Turkey is a lean meat that is rich in protein. Protein helps stabilize your system after your blood sugar has been on a Halloween candy roller coaster.
  4. Have a berry-filled smoothie for dessert – The antioxidants in blueberries and raspberries give your immune system that extra kick to fight off the immune-suppressing sugar that entered your body last weekend.

Recharge. Refocus. Balance.