Hire a Student or Graduate

Connect with our talented students and alumni via the following recruiting services:

Job Posting

To post job opportunities for Bauman College students and alumni via our monthly job flash, please complete the Post a Job form.

For questions, please contact jobs@baumancollege.org.

Alumni Directory

Employers may search and locate high-quality Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Chef talent using our exclusive Alumni Directory. Recruit and partner with alumni using the specialty and location search features.

Culinary Externships

As part of our Holistic Chef Program, Bauman College requires that students participate in experiential learning programs to enhance their education and provide on-the-job training. Employers are encouraged to participate in these programs by offering externship opportunities at their places of business, so that our students can gain experience in the field. To find out more about this opportunity, please visit our Culinary Externships page.