Holistic Chef Miriam Jones Reinvents Herself as ‘The Resource Queen’ of Alternative Foods

Holistic Chef Graduate Miriam Jones
Holistic Chef Graduate Miriam Jones

Miriam Jones wasn’t always known to her friends as “The Resource Queen” of alternative foods. Prior to her career change, Miriam was a successful business owner and caregiver.

So what finally led Miriam to reinvent herself as a Holistic Chef? Find out by reading her story below.

My World Turned Upside Down

To be honest, my whole world turned upside down when COVID-19 hit in March 2020; I lost everything. I
had a successful photo booth business for seven years called Fototales Photo Booth, and I also was a caregiver for my grandchildren.

I knew that the National Holistic Institute was a holistic institution that specialized in massage therapy, so I was aware of their reputation for healthy living and helping to heal the human body. With all of the free time on my hands, a very close friend of mine recommended that I try my hand at the holistic culinary classes, and I figured, “What could it hurt?” So once again, here I am reinventing myself.

The Joy of Cooking for Others

I really enjoy cooking, but most of all, my greatest fulfillment is the joy of cooking for others. Every time I
start to prepare a meal, I ask God to allow love to flow with me when I’m cooking. The success of this
program comes from the enjoyment I get seeing others eating and enjoying my meals!

Because I’m dyslexic, reading what I see can be a problem. Chef Porsche Combash always supported me and said from the very beginning, “Read your recipes three or four times before you start to prepare your meals; but most of all take your time and have fun!”

I Have Become the Resource Queen

My favorite part of the program was when we started working with alternative foods, preparing food for
people with dairy or nut allergies, vegans, athletes, and pregnancies. I have become the Resource Queen,
especially if I was having to substitute ingredients and sometimes the main course.

As the mortality rate for mothers and their newborns is on the rise, I’ve become very interested in cooking for mothers-to-be, starting before they are pregnant. I feel this is an area that needs to be addressed.

Have Work You Love

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