Improve Your Mood with Food for the Fall Season and Beyond

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Improve your mood with food for the fall season and beyond

Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between your food and your mood? 

Nutrition Consultant Program Manager Diane Fischler shares how to improve your mood with food for the fall season and beyond. Learn about the connection between your food choices and mental wellbeing, as well as what foods will help you enjoy the autumn season.  

Elements that can Enhance how we Feel Physically and Mentally

Eating an Anti-inflammatory Diet Consisting of: 

  • Healthy fats 
  • Plenty of vegetables 
  • Clean sources of protein, both animal and vegetable 
  • Adding herbs and spices, such as ginger and turmeric 
  • Small amounts of dark chocolate, at least 70% cacao 
  • Drinking plenty of water and other liquids, such as herbal and green teas 
Ginger can enhance how you feel physically and mentally

Engaging in Easy-to-incorporate Lifestyle Practices such as:  

  • Getting plenty of sleep 
  • Managing stress 
  • Engaging in physical activity 
  • Avoiding refined carbohydrates, including sugar  
  • Avoiding alcohol, or using it responsibly 
  • Making sure to engage in movement every day 
  • Getting out in nature. With the daylight hours shortening in the autumn months and into winter, it is especially important to get outside daily to get natural vitamin D from the sun   

A great way to keep in tune with your mood and food connection is to keep a “Food and Mood Journal”  where you can note how certain foods make you feel. Do they enhance your emotional well-being or do you find yourself anxious or stressed? Becoming aware of the connections is a solid start.  

The Connection Between Your Digestion and Mood

Another factor to consider is the connection between your digestion and mood. So much of our overall health depends on our gut microbiome. Spending some time making sure your good bacteria have what they need to support your health is very important. Consider adding some of these foods to enhance your gut health and digestion, thereby supporting your emotional well-being. 

  • Kimchee 
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Kefir 
  • Yogurt 
  • Pickles 
  • Tempeh 

Now that you know some of the ways to enhance your mood through food, you can get started right away! You can begin journaling and thinking about what foods to add or eliminate to support your mood. Remember to spend time outside, enjoy the lovely fall days, and get some exercise and sunshine. And you can still treat yourself to some dark chocolate!  

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