Nutrition Consultant Claire Ryder Shares Her Transformative Experience at Bauman College

Claire Ryder, Nutrition Consultant

Claire Ryder is a graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Program. What began as a quest for well-being due to recurring health issues transformed into a business rooted in holistic nutrition and wellness.

Check out Claire’s story below to learn how she makes a real difference in the lives of others.

A Quest for Well-being and Passion for Health

Hey everyone, let me share with you the deeply personal journey that led me to the fascinating world of holistic nutrition—a journey that all began with a quest for well-being and a burning passion for health.

It was in 2019 when I found myself grappling with recurring stomach issues and persistent dizziness, symptoms that seemed to overshadow my days with discomfort and uncertainty. Driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to understand the root cause of my struggles, I delved into research, suspecting there was more to my symptoms than just anxiety.

Amidst my health challenges, a pivotal trip to the emergency room revealed the true source of my agony—my gallbladder. Faced with the daunting prospect of emergency surgery, I made the bold decision to explore alternative healing methods. This led me to embrace a holistic approach to wellness, where nourishing foods became my allies in healing.

I Experienced a Profound Transformation

As I incorporated wholesome, nutrient-rich foods into my diet, I experienced a profound transformation—both physically and emotionally. The power of whole foods was truly remarkable, and it ignited a passion within me to share this newfound wisdom with others who may be facing similar health challenges.

This desire to help others was what ultimately fueled my interest in joining Bauman College—a renowned institution known for its holistic approach to nutrition and wellness, which resonated deeply with my own beliefs and values. I was drawn to the idea of learning how to support others on their journey to health and well-being, whether they were facing health issues like mine or simply seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I chose Bauman College because of their comprehensive curriculum, that goes beyond traditional nutrition education, focusing on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in achieving optimal health.

My experience at Bauman College was nothing short of transformative. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to make a real difference in the lives of others. Now, as a recent graduate, I am filled with gratitude for the invaluable education and support I received at Bauman College.

Equipped with the Knowledge, Skills and Confidence to Launch My Career

Bauman College played a significant role in helping me pursue work that I love. The education and training I received at Bauman College equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to launch my career as a nutrition consultant.

First and foremost, Bauman College provided me with a comprehensive understanding of holistic nutrition and wellness. I was surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared my passion for health and wellness, and the encouragement and support I received from both peers and instructors were instrumental in helping me navigate my career path.

My Own Virtual Online Nutrition Consultant Business

Today, I am thrilled to announce the launch of my own virtual online nutrition consultant business called Soul Medic—a platform dedicated to sharing the principles of holistic nutrition and empowering others to take control of their health.

I’m passionate about helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals through personalized guidance and support. Through my Facebook page and other channels, I am committed to spreading the message of holistic wellness far and wide.

What I love most about my career is the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Whether it’s through providing nutritional advice or introducing them to healthier beverage options like Ready sports drinks, I’m grateful to be able to contribute to their journey towards better health and well-being.

Advice if You’re Considering Bauman College

If you’re considering attending Bauman College or pursuing a career in holistic nutrition and the culinary arts, here are some tailored pieces of advice:

  • Understand the Holistic Approach: Holistic nutrition goes beyond just food—it encompasses various aspects of health, including lifestyle, mindset, and the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Be prepared to explore topics such as the American food system, sustainable agriculture, and the impact of lifestyle factors on overall well-being.
  • Research the Nutrition Consultant Program: Take the time to thoroughly research Bauman College’s nutrition consultant program and understand its curriculum, faculty, and teaching approach. Consider how the program aligns with your interests, career goals, and values.
  • Embrace Lifelong Learning: Holistic nutrition and the culinary arts are dynamic fields that are constantly evolving. Embrace the journey of lifelong learning and stay curious about new developments, research, and trends in the industry. Continuously seek opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • Apply Knowledge to Personal Health: Even if you’re not pursuing a career as a nutrition consultant, the knowledge and skills you gain from Bauman College’s program can positively impact your personal health and well-being. Apply what you learn to make informed choices about your own nutrition, lifestyle, and overall wellness.

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