Nutrition Consultant Grad Collette Richey Took a Chance and Never Looked Back

Bauman College Graduate Collette Richey

Collette Richey is a graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Program. After overcoming several obstacles, Collette has big plans and wants the world to watch her story blossom.

Learn how Collette left every excuse behind and never looked back in her pursuit toward work she loves.

Lost in the Constant Loop of Eating “Healthy” but Nothing Changing

Before Bauman College, I did not know anything about nutrition or health. I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and wondered why I was facing so many adverse health problems. Doctors would constantly tell me that I was at fault for my health and that I was eating too much and not eating the right foods. They would tell me to eat a Mediterranean diet, but never educated me on what that was. Like many, I was lost in the constant loop of eating “healthy” but nothing changing.

When TikTok boomed I began to follow a lot of health and fitness coaches and started to change my eating habits. I focused on my health because I did not want to end up the same way as my family. When my husband graduated from NHI a classmate told him he was attending their sister school Bauman College as a holistic culinary chef and my husband relayed the message to me.

I Needed to Focus on Myself

I became very excited and when I attended orientation, I took a big deep breath knowing I was investing in something I could not financially afford. I took my chance anyway.
It wasn’t easy, I was dealing with life, I was currently kicked out of my home, only able to afford a bad area with a high crime rate, and our apartment was unlivable, on top of barely surviving on food. I sat each day in front of my computer and did ten minutes of my work, I told myself I had no time to dwell on my situation, I needed to focus on myself.

Something Ignited Inside of My Soul

I want to personally thank Beverley Rider, one of my instructors who helped me push forward when I wanted to give up. I cried, feeling that I wasn’t smart or good enough and I wanted to quit, with all the pressure of the world on my shoulders, I couldn’t handle it anymore. And yet she told me not to give up, that I can get through this. With her help and encouragement, I buckled down twice as hard after my conversation with Ms. Beverley.

Something ignited inside of my soul that forced me to continue. Instead of spending ten minutes a day, I spent an hour a day. With ADHD it was nearly impossible for me to sit down and focus, and I did it. I turned in my assignments, even if it was at the last moment, and I made sure I understood everything.

Focused All My Time on Helping Others

Towards my last few months at Bauman College, I was preparing myself for the last section of therapeutics when I was offered an opportunity, by Melissa MacDonough, to work as a student tutor. I was recommended by Ms. Beverley to be a tutor due to my hard work. I took on that opportunity immediately and focused all my time on helping others. I made sure to stay on call until my classmates understood the assignments. I helped those who wanted to give up just like I did, and I encouraged them to keep going. I sat with them until they understood.

My biggest fear was the Business course and though I struggled it was smooth sailing with the guidance and help of Tiffany Hunter. She broke down the business course so easily, that I was able to understand. Especially, with the help and support of my loved ones who helped me in my journey. My husband sat down with me during all my homework assignments and he became my tutor for business.

I was so Brave in My Most Feared Moments

Through all my trials and tribulations, I finally graduated with honors and 20+ hours working as a tutor. While basking in the moment I flashed back to all the times I wanted to give up, all the times I stayed up late crying because I didn’t understand the information, all the times I forced myself to sit down, despite my mental disability, and worked on my assignments and immediately felt so much gratitude and grace towards myself. That I did it. I was so brave in my most feared moments; I took a leap of chance when I thought I would fall right through.

Now as a graduate, I was struggling with personal issues, and my mental health started to cloud again. However, Bauman College’s support never ends. Sue Duran, the Senior Career Services Advisor, called me and reignited the flame within my soul to pursue what I first intended to do. Go out in farmer’s markets and educate people about health and nutrition. My sole purpose on this planet is to help guide and educate people about their ailments. I went from 200 pounds to 125 pounds, the inflammation in my face and chest went away, and my hypothyroidism has decreased greatly! And I want others to feel just as amazing as I do! Everyone deserves a second chance and NO ONE deserves to feel like crap!

Out of all of this experience, I want to give a piece of guidance. You are only brave when you face your biggest fears. And always start with the hardest thing on your list when you first wake up, so you don’t have to worry about it later or procrastinate on it.

I am to the Moon with All the Support I Received

If you are interested in attending Bauman College, please do! It is life experience that can never be taken away from you. It is worth your personal investment with your life, mental and physical wellbeing. I am to the moon with all the support I received here, and I hope to see many more graduates! It is great knowledge to obtain. Plus, I would love to connect and find more fellow Southern California Nutrition Consultants!

Connect with Collette via Instagram, @rich_nutritional_wellness.

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