Bauman College Programs

Someone, possibly a Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant student at Bauman College in California, is writing in a book on a wooden table with delicious-looking fresh veggies all over it
Bauman College offers Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant programs in California and online

Research-Based, Non-Dogmatic Approach Led by Experts in Nutrition + Culinary Arts

At Bauman College, both the Nutrition Consultant and Natural Chef programs are built on the revolutionary ideas and scientific approach to nutrition that are the foundation for what Bauman College is today.

The Nutrition Consultant Program focuses on holistic nutrition that goes beyond supporting one dietary choice over another. The Natural Chef Program combines classical culinary training with modern therapeutic applications.

  • Nutrition Consultant

    The Nutrition Consultant Program is offered online or at one of our brick and mortar locations in Sonoma County and Berkeley, CA. The curriculum prepares you to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.

  • Natural Chef

    The 5-month Natural Chef Program offers a fresh take on culinary arts. Classes are offered at our Berkeley, CA, campus and start twice per year.

Our mission is deeply integrated into our curricula so that students are empowered to create change in the world through conscious eating, earth-friendly living, and healthy lifestyle choices.

By uniquely incorporating current nutrition and culinary arts research, wisdom and techniques from around the world, and innovative business practices, we prepare our students to enter a competitive job market upon graduation.

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