Student Spotlight: Susie White

Quitting Your Day Job to Follow Your Dreams

For many of us, life is a routine. Wake up, go to work, go home, repeat; the daily grind is predictable and feels safe. We want to change, to do something different, but it seems out of reach. The risk is too high and the disruption of routine too difficult.

Taking that next step is hard, but not impossible.

Bauman College Nutrition Consultant student, Susie White, enjoyed her work, but wanted something more.

As the director of Nextcourse, a community-based organization focused on grassroots sustainable food education, Susie worked with nutrition and culinary experts to provide education to underserved communities. She spent 10 years helping to create curricula that incorporated the social, health, environmental, and economic impacts of supporting local food systems.

“[…] Developing curricula, adapting recipes, and then facilitating classes for these amazing women ignited a passion for empowering people to improve their lives through fresh and healthy food”, Susie says, “I loved every part of this work and knew then that supporting people in achieving their health goals through solid nutrition and cooking is my true calling.”

After working with a few Bauman College graduates at Nextcourse, Susie was impressed by their knowledge and passion, and felt inspired to take the work that she loved in a new direction.

“Bauman College was the right place for me. I saw how involved it was with bridging sustainable food education, health, and the culinary arts; all things I am passionate about”, she explains.

However, such a big change did not come easily for Susie. She was doubtful, but, with the support of her partner, who encouraged her to go for it, she has no regrets.

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To hear more about Susie’s experience at Bauman College and why she quit her day job to pursue a career in nutrition, watch her spotlight video: