Top 11 Cancer Fighting Foods

1. Cruciferous Vegetables: Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy and kale all score high for containing many anti-cancer substances, such as isothiocyanates. Sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol in cruciferous vegetables protect against prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric, breast and other hormone-related cancers.

2. Garlic, onions, scallions, leeks, and chives have an array of anti-cancer substances including the organosulfur compound allicin. Allium veggies work to get your body’s own antioxidant defense systems in gear.  This process provides protective benefits against stomach, esophageal and breast cancers.
3. Tomatoes are a revered cancer-fighting food especially noteworthy for the famous flavenoid lycopene. Lycopene, also found in watermelon, guava, and pink grapefruit, has been linked to lower risk of prostate, ovarian and cervical cancer. It also targets the free radical that is implicated in lung and digestive cancers.

4. Grapes and red wine contain the much-studied anti-cancer compound resveratrol.

5. Green tea has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic properties.  It contains the potent anti-cancer antioxidant, catechins. Both black and green contain powerful compounds shown in countless studies to lower the risk of several types of cancer.

6. Berries, particularly blueberries, are rich in anti-cancer compounds such as ellagic acid and anthocyanosides. Blueberries, cranberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes are all rich in anthocyanins that repair and protect DNA.

7.  Soybeans are a powerful food in our defense against cancer. Isoflavones such as genistein may help prevent and treat prostate cancer and may reduce breast cancer risk.  It is important to select organic and unrefined soy products and to avoid GMO soy products.

8.  Pumpkin is an unsung superfood.  It is a rich source of both beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, two hard-working carotenoids that combat lung and ovarian cancer. Carrots, yams, squash, melons and sweet red peppers all also contain carotenoids.

9. Spinach has been shown to protect against cancers of the liver, ovaries, colon and prostate. The active antioxidant lutein is also found in kale and other leafy greens.

10. Pineapples contain the enzyme bromelain which may inhibit the growth of malignant cells in both lung and breast cancer, while the phenolic compounds in pineapple also provide a protective benefit.

11. Apples contain quercetin, which has been shown in studies to reduce the risk of lung cancer and impede growth of prostate cancer cells. Other antioxidants, together with pectin, help halt colon and liver cancer cell replication.