What is a Coulis?

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What is a Coulis?

A coulis is a reduced sauce made of fruits or vegetables that adds color, flavor, and visual appeal to dishes. Fruit coulis are often paired with desserts, and vegetable coulis are usually paired with meat or vegetable dishes. Coulis are easy to make and super delicious; they make even the most ordinary dishes extraordinary.

Here are the steps to make a fruit coulis

Coulis ingredients STEP1:
Select seasonal fruit* and prepare it by washing and removing any stems, seeds, etc.*Organic and locally grown is best. Berries are a great seasonal ingredient in the  summertime (frozen berries work at other times of the year).
Blending Coulis STEP2:
Add fruit, honey or maple syrup, and a squirt of lemon to a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and thick. Add more water (or a small  amount of fruit juice if preferred) if needed to blend.
Blended Coulis STEP3:
Once blended, the fruit is transferred to a saucepan or double boiler*.*A double boiler adds an insulated buffer to the cooking process and allows the heat to evenly distribute through the sauce.
Coulis sauce simmering STEP4:
Cook at a simmer until it thickens.
Pushing Coulis sauce through strainer STEP5:
Press sauce through a fine-mesh strainer to get a smooth consistency.
Finished Coulis sauce STEP6:
Voila! You have coulis.
Coulis sauce spread over pudding STEP7:
Drizzle coulis over your favorite dessert. This is coconut mint pudding with strawberry coulis.

The coconut pudding featured above is a smooth and rich dessert made from nutrition-rich coconut milk and topped with a fresh strawberry coulis. Traditional puddings rely heavily on cow’s milk, so this one is especially perfect for those avoiding dairy. Mint leaves are steeped in the simmering coconut milk giving it a subtle brightness.

The strawberry coulis topping gives this pudding a little extra zip. Any type of berry can be used in a coulis; it’s an easy way to dress up any dessert.