Bauman College Graduate Chau Wansze creates food that is good for our health and planet

Miso Cauliflower Mash with Sweet Corn, Mushroom, and Chive Oil created by Chau Wansze

Bauman College’s Natural Chef Program (now Holistic Chef Culinary Program) Graduate, Chau Wansze, featured in our “Student Spotlight” in 2017, provides an update on life after Bauman College.

Food and nature are the loves of my life. What I love most about cooking is that I’m able to work with all of my senses to create food that is good for our health and planet.

I believe food is a major change agent for how we nourish our health and care for our planet. As a chef driven by a plant-rich focused cuisine, I strive to create meals that bring pleasure to your senses with real, whole foods. My mission is to create beautiful and delicious experiences for you to savor and connect with what matters.

My time spent at Bauman gave me the opportunity to up my cooking game. The education I received there deepened my knowledge on nutrition and learning how it greatly impacts our health.

What you get out of the program is how much work you’re willing to put into it. Do it if you are passionate about this and want to turn it into a form of work that brings you satisfaction, and that you feel an education will provide you the structure and direction you need to help get you there.

Connect with Chau and view her gallery by visiting her website.

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