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Holistic Chef | 12-month | 100% online Program
Get the training you need to become highly skilled in culinary arts to serve your clients with fresh, nutrient-dense, delicious foods with sustainable practices through Bauman College’s 12-month, 100% online + industry externship Holistic Chef Culinary Program.

12-month Holistic Chef Culinary Program, 100% Online + Industry Externship

The Holistic Chef culinary program at Bauman College uniquely combines culinary technique and a nutrition-based philosophy with the entrepreneurial skills needed to build a career in service of others through food. Upon graduation, students can become personal chefs, private chefs, meal-delivery chefs, or dinner-party caterers to offer customized, healthful, and delicious food to their clients.

Upon completion of our 12-month, 100% online + industry externship Holistic Chef culinary program, you will have expertise in the following areas:

  • Culinary Foundations + the Eating for Health® Approach
  • Culinary Math, Knife Skills + Kitchen Safety
  • Large-Scale Food Preparation
  • Farm to Table Culinary Techniques
  • Cooking for Food Allergies + Sensitivities
  • Restorative Cooking + Menu Planning
  • World Cuisines + Flavor Profiles
  • Plating Styles + Culinary Showcasing
  • And More!

Our distinctive program blends classic culinary school with Bauman College’s non-dogmatic approach to wholesome eating. Students learn how to meet their clients’ needs by crafting meals based on their unique lifestyles, tastes, and dietary requirements, all the while creating delicious food by considering the importance of flavor, texture, and visual appeal.

Our curriculum considers disparities in food access and honors the importance of traditional foods and food preparations. The Holistic Chef culinary program also challenges the dominant paradigm of food industry careers, which often preclude health and self-care. Graduates find fulfilling and sustainable work in the food industry and are able to nourish themselves and those for whom they cook.

Our curriculum includes instruction on specialty diets and various circumstances, whether cooking for postpartum parents or athletes, teenagers or older adults, or vegan or paleo diets. Students become proficient in utilizing alternative and whole-food ingredients, and learn the importance of organic and sustainable sourcing of food, reducing food waste, and making healthy food attainable for all.

A strength of our program is the inclusion of the business skills and day-to-day operations needed to succeed as a personal chef, both taught in our entrepreneurship curriculum and throughout our culinary classes. While traditional culinary schools train almost entirely for restaurant work, we train personal chefs to provide the opportunity for a more sustainable and health-supportive culinary career with better pay, better hours, and a healthier approach to feeding people.

The 12-month, online Holistic Chef Program is composed of:

Kitchen Courses

  • Culinary Foundations trains students in a broad spectrum of culinary skills in food preparation, safety and sanitation, equipment, and culinary techniques. The education in this course provides the student with skills and confidence to work in a professional culinary setting, thereby providing a strong foundation for a culinary career.
  • Baking trains students in a broad spectrum of professional baking skills including classic traditional, gluten-free and grain-free bread baking and pastry techniques. Throughout the course proper food preparation with attention to safety and sanitation as well as cross-contamination considerations when using equipment for gluten-free clients will be emphasized. The education in this course will provide the student with the skills and confidence to work in a professional baking and pastry setting, thereby providing a strong foundation for a career as a traditional and alternative baking and pastry chef.
  • Cooking For Your Client trains students in wide-ranging skills necessary for a health-supportive personal chef. Such skills include cooking and food preparation techniques to maximize nutrient density and minimize food waste, utilizing diverse international flavor profiles, cooking with flexibility, efficiency, and budget consciousness, cooking within the parameters of various specialty diets and health considerations.

Culinary Career Courses

  • Personal Chef Operations + Entrepreneurship trains students on the non-kitchen aspects of a personal chef business and how to keep operations organized and sustainable. The education in this course is meant to increase the likelihood of client and personal job satisfaction as students learn the many considerations to starting and maintaining a successful and sustainable personal chef business.
  • Externship prepares students for finding and maintaining employment in the field of personal or private cheffing by providing them with a similar experience while under the supervision of Bauman College. The Externship is an opportunity for students to gain understanding, experience, and confidence before employment or entrepreneurship by providing them with this smooth transition from school to the workforce.Externship hours are supervised and may include working in the following settings:
    • Restaurants
    • Catering Companies
    • Business Corporations
    • Nonprofit Organizations
    • Resorts, Hotels, or Retreats
    • Food Production Companies
    • And More!
  • In-House Practicum trains students in a professional, but familiar setting under the supervision of culinary staff and faculty. The In-House Practicum provides students with an in-depth experience of all that goes into a culinary event, demonstration, or class.

Holistic Chef Career-Oriented Features

The Holistic Chef Program also offers resources and educational experiences which are directly beneficial to working as a personal chef, private chef, meal-delivery chef, or dinner-party caterer.

  • ServSafe® certification: Students receive their ServSafe® Manager certificates in kitchen safety and sanitation. This certificate is an asset to chefs working in people’s homes, to reassure clients that the chef is knowledgeable and competent in the best practices of food safety.
  • Modernmeal: Students receive access to our Bauman College recipe database on the Modernmeal platform. They learn how to use Modernmeal to create menus and shopping lists for clients and to connect with other culinary students and professionals.

Equipped with health-supportive culinary expertise, how to cook to support clients’ individual health goals, and business and professional acumen, Bauman College Holistic Chef graduates find fulfilling work in the food industry while bringing individual and societal healing.

Tuition & Financial Aid

You can afford to go to Bauman College

The Holistic Chef and Nutrition Consultant programs are in the process of applying for all appropriate approvals to offer Federal Student Aid under the National Holistic Institute.  To see what you may qualify for, please visit National Holistic Institute’s Federal Student Aid Page.


Holistic Chef Career Opportunities

Being trained as a Holistic Chef opens the door to many opportunities across the country and globally. Whether you want to stay right where you are, practice in another state, or find work across the globe, there are a variety of job and business opportunities for our culinary graduates.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects chefs and cooks to have a faster than average growth rate in the next ten years.* Whether you prefer to work with your hands, want flexible hours, or are looking for a great self-employment opportunity, Holistic Chefs can look forward to exciting work opportunities in a growing variety of settings.

Some positions you may work in as a Holistic Chef include:

  • Personal or Private Chefs
  • Commercial Kitchen Chefs (Restaurant, Hotel & various food industry settings)
  • Caterers
  • Corporate Chefs
  • Retreat Center Chefs
  • Adventure Travel Chef, (rafting adventures, guided hiking adventures etc)
  • Chef to Mariners, Yacht Cruise, Merchant Mariners (Chief Cook)
  • Medical Facilities Chefs
  • Chefs for Non-Profit Organizations
  • Chefs working in partnership with Health & Medical Practitioners
  • School Chefs
  • Culinary Educators
  • Food Product Consultants
  • Recipe Testers
  • Culinary Bloggers & Authors
  • Food Photographers, Stylists
  • Meal Delivery Service Chefs
  • Food Product Chefs/Developers
  • Chefs offering Menu/Meal Planning Services
  • Wellness Center Chefs
  • Menu Development for smaller Private Care Facilities & Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Urban Farm Recipe Development Cooking Program Consultant

No matter where you go after Bauman College, you will have earned more than just a career. Bauman College was built to share our knowledge and heal the world through better nutrition. You will combine that philosophy with a strong foundation of culinary skills and therapeutic nutrition to improve the health of your clients and your community

Join our growing industry and discover the rewarding, flexible career you’ve always wanted.


Everything about the Holistic Chef program at Bauman College prepared me for this work. I learned culinary techniques and foundational recipes, as well as basic nutrition information and how to source high quality ingredients. Additionally, I learned about dietary restrictions, food allergies, and how to cook using substitutions when working with restrictions. Every personal chef client I have had, is looking for a chef with this knowledge. I have found that if someone is choosing a chef over restaurant food or take-out, it is because they either want healthy organic food or have dietary restrictions.
Claire M., Bauman College graduate - Holistic Chef Program

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