Get the Skills to Become a Nutrition Consultant Professional

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Graduates of the Nutrition Consultant Program at Bauman College are prepared to lead the way in the future of holistic nutrition

18-Month Online Nutrition Consultant Program

The Nutrition Consultant Program provides students with in-depth knowledge of whole-foods nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are prepared to work as nutrition professionals and provide expert evaluation of and recommendations for diet, targeted nutrients, and lifestyle habits that support their clients in slowing the progression of chronic illness and attaining optimal health. Students gain this expertise through our science-based nutrition curriculum; practical, hands-on application of narrative health coaching and nutritional counseling; and our uniquely tailored business curriculum.

Nutrition Consultant Program students are able to regularly interact with peers and faculty through online discussion groups and one-on-one office hours with instructors.

Become a Skilled Nutrition Professional

Being trained as a nutrition consultant opens the door to many opportunities across the country and globally. No matter our students’ location, there are a variety of jobs and business opportunities out there for them.

Nutrition consultants trained at Bauman College are ready to be leaders in the holistic nutrition industry and are in high demand for their unique knowledge and training.

Our graduates are prepared to work as:

  • Holistic Nutrition Consultants
  • Nutrition Health Coaches
  • Nutrition Educators
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • In-Store Wellness Practitioners
  • Nutrition Product Developers
  • Workshop Leaders + Conference Speakers
  • Health Writers, Bloggers + Authors
  • And More!

No matter where our graduates go after Bauman College, they will be building more than just a career. Bauman College was created to share our knowledge and heal the world through better nutrition. By combining that philosophy with a vast understanding of food and nutrition, our graduates go on to improve the health of their clients and communities as a whole.

Get Certified

Graduates of the Nutrition Consultant Program are eligible for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB) examination to become Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®. Our program is designed to ensure that students have the education and support they need to become professional, credible, and confident nutrition consultants.

Join our growing industry and discover the rewarding, flexible career you have always wanted.

The Nutrition Consultant Program is composed of:


FON 101 Eating for Health®
FON 102 Digestive Physiology
FON 103 Biochemistry
FON 104 Nutritional Analysis
FON 105 Macronutrients
FON 106 Micronutrients
FON 107 Nutritional Counseling
FON 108 Case Presentations


TN 201 Stress + Endocrine Interactions
TN 202 Men’s + Women’s Health
TN 203 Liver Detoxification
TN 204 Gastrointestinal Health
TN 205 Blood Sugar Regulation
TN 206 Weight Management
TN 207 Case Presentations
TN 208 Clinical Assessment
TN 209 Cardiovascular Health
TN 210 Mental Health
TN 211 Immune + Autoimmune
TN 212 Pain Management
TN 213 Cancer
TN 214 Final Research Project

For a detailed description of the nutrition consultant curriculum, please view our catalog.

Advanced Business Training

As a part of your training, you will have the opportunity to study advanced, online business curriculum to help channel your passion and knowledge into a strategy for personal success. From defining your target market and building a social media presence to starting your very own practice, the business curriculum will prepare you for career success.

The business curriculum includes:

  • Personal Branding + Social Media Strategy
  • The Marketing Funnel
  • Developing a Specialty
  • Food Photography + Styling
  • Managing an Effective Job Search
  • Designing + Delivering Group Programs
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Starting + Managing a Private Practice
  • And More!

By learning business best practices, you will develop a solid foundation that prepares you to build professional career plans. You will feel confident and prepared for your career upon graduation. Join our growing industry and discover the rewarding, flexible career you’ve always wanted.

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