Physician Assistant Victoria Rivera was Introduced to Functional Medicine Concepts at Bauman College

Victoria Rivera is a proud graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Program. Already an experienced Physician Assistant, Victoria pursued additional training at Bauman College and beyond. Now, Victoria owns and operates Primavera Functional Medicine. Continue reading to learn more about Victoria’s pursuit of a career in functional medicine. I was Introduced to Functional Medicine Concepts I Read More

Nutrition Consultant Graduate Simone Miller Loves Helping People Feed Themselves

Simone Miller is a graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Online Program. Her life experiences and formal education combined to establish a foundation upon which her creativity has taken root and continues to grow. Learn more about Simone and her ever evolving life and love of helping people feed themselves. I Kept Being Pulled More Towards Read More

Nancy Chang Provides Purpose & Hope With Holistic Nutrition

Nancy Chang is a graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Program and the founder of Purpose & Hope, a soup delivery business. Read more to learn about Nancy’s inspirational story that led her to create nutrient-dense, healing soups for the community. My Bubble of Ignorant Bliss was Broken The journey of starting Purpose & Hope was Read More

Bauman College Grad Lauren Bryson Enjoys a Multi-Faceted Career as a Nutrition Consultant

Lauren Bryson is a graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Program and is on a mission to authentically educate and empower clients towards health and healing from a whole-person perspective. She does this as a Holistic Nutritionist, Cooking Instructor and Wellness Facilitator. Discover more about Lauren’s multi-faceted career in the world of holistic nutrition via Read More

Bauman College Grad Virginia Watkins on The 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Bauman College offered a more holistic approach to health than other dietetics programs, and I was able to work a full-time job, and have a baby while doing the program. Bauman College gave me information and tools about how diet, sleep and exercise affect us, and fueled my curiosity to learn more. More recently, I’ve Read More

“We are only limited by our minds and what we believe we can accomplish” – JaNique Sadler, Home Health Aide & Nutrition Consultant Student

Bauman College’s 15-month Online Nutrition Consultant Program allows students both near and far to have work they love, or add skills to a profession they are already passionate about. Meet, JaNique, a Home Health Aide who lives in Ohio, and current Nutrition Consultant Student. Hello everyone, my name is JaNique Sadler, I am currently in Read More

“Eating for health is a necessary lifestyle choice to improve the wellness and health of those we serve” – Pamela McField, RN & Nutrition Consultant Student

Whether you’re 20+ years old or have been working in your profession for 20+ years, you never stop learning. Meet one of Bauman College’s newest students in the Nutrition Consultant Online Program, Pamela McField, RN. I am a registered nurse with over 20 plus years of experience in the healthcare field, an entrepreneur who is Read More