Happy National Chocolate Day from Endorfin Foods

Endorfin Foods is a Berkeley-based, small business that creates craft chocolate bars, made with only the highest quality ingredients, including single origin bars and a unique range of flavored and inclusion bars. Endorfin Foods founder, Brian Wallace, visits Bauman College’s Berkeley location once a term to talk to the Natural Chef students about the health

S.O.U.L. Food

By Gwenyth Shears When people hear the term “soul food,” it brings up connotations of good ‘ole southern cooking – fried chicken, candied yams, cornbread, and collard greens. It is food that, for many, is hard to resist. While there is a time and a place for enjoying the comforting flavors of traditional soul food,

Cacao: The Mother of Chocolate

We love chocolate, but what do we know of its path from the rainforest to the giftbox? As it turns out, the journey to the delight we all know and love are deeply rooted in history, nature, and involve time-honored traditions. Cacao, or Theobroma cacao, is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in Central America,

Reducing Food Waste

Envision a landfill. What do you see? Perhaps you picture trashed cars, plastics, and paper. But what about banana peels, half-full fast food containers, and other rotting food? Americans throw out 35 million tons of food every year, according to the EPA. Wasted food makes up 21% of America’s landfill stream—more than paper and plastic.

How to Reduce Water Consumption in the Kitchen

As two of our locations are in California, we’re well aware of the state’s severe drought, the “worst dry spell in 1,200 years,” as The Guardian puts it. However, climate scientists at Columbia University and elsewhere say this drying trend isn’t restricted to the Golden State. Many predict decades-long mega droughts across the Southwest and

Supporting Small Farms

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration is considering The Food Safety Modernization Act, which would require farms earning under a certain amount of revenue to pay higher regulation fees, is up for review. The government is asking the public to review the sections of the act and share their opinion. Here’s the link to the

Holistic Nutrition Comes of Age

By Dr. By Edward Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D. Holistic Nutrition: A 40-Year Review with a Glimpse Forward Eating a yummy homemade dinner—such as a spring greens salad with a lemon artichoke heart dressing, fresh caught wild salmon with backyard dill and thyme sauce, and baked yam topped with yogurt and nutmeg—is an example of eating local, whole, fresh, colorful foods, ideally grown in soil

Spring Cleaning

It’s time to clean out those cupboards, dump the processed foods you may have accumulated throughout the winter, vacuum under the coach, throw upon the windows to let the fresh air in, and scrub the counters and floors clean.  Spring cleaning can be a therapeutic and healthy way to welcome in the spring season and

Once Our Most Alluring Fruit

In his book, How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit, Barry Estabrook explores the ills of modern commercial agriculture with a focus on the beloved tomato. He leads us through the sorrowful journey the tomato has taken, with the advent of modern agricultural practices the tomato has seen ever increasing mono-cropping, genetic modification,

Identifying Quality Beef + Other Proteins

Proteins are a vital part of our diets. Without protein we can not properly build muscles, ligaments, tendons, hair and nails, enzymes, blood, hormones, or immune cells.  Protein regulates growth, repair and even movement within our bodies. When considering protein in our diets it is important to first identify the proper amount of protein that