Jennifer Caroff Finally Found Herself in the Right Place, Facing in the Right Direction with Bauman College

Bauman College Grad Jennifer Caroff
Bauman College Grad Jennifer Caroff

Jennifer Caroff once worked as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist before pursuing a career as a Private Chef. Along the way, Jennifer occasionally does small size catering and online cooking classes. Jennifer has also developed and taught healthy cooking curriculum to a community dealing with childhood obesity.

So how in the world did Jennifer go from being a licensed Therapist to a successful Private Chef and beyond? Find out by reading her story below.

I Found Myself in Exactly the Right Place, Facing in the Right Direction

Before attending Bauman’s Natural Chef Program (now Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program) I completed an MA in Somatic Psychology and gotten licensed as a Marriage + Family Therapist. The truth was, it didn’t feel like that form of work was exactly right for me.

Golden Milk Chia Pudding by Jennifer Caroff
Golden Milk Chia Pudding

One day, a friend and I took Bauman’s community course Nutrition Essentials For Everyone. I was so inspired by the course and by meeting Chef Lizette Marx, that my friend encouraged me to take the full chef training.

It felt like a major left turn in my life after years of working towards licensure in the counseling field. However, I was engaged in the classes and cooking in the kitchen. In addition, I was learning more deeply about healthy cooking methods and healing foods.

I found myself in exactly the right place, facing in the right direction with my career path stretching out before me in beautiful, satisfying ways.

Laid the Foundation for Healthier Eating

Millet Pilaf with Grated Carrots by Jennifer Caroff
Millet Pilaf with Grated Carrots

Not long after graduating Bauman, I had the opportunity to write and teach curriculum. I developed Health Cooking Classes For Kids and Families for the City of San Pablo, CA. San Pablo is a city with the highest rates of childhood obesity in Northern California.

Developing and teaching healthy cooking curriculum was exhilarating because I saw with my own eyes as kids got their hands on vegetables and laid the foundation with their families for healthier eating. Not a single kid in the class protested eating vegetables, in fact, they were totally excited about them! This is completely contrary to the cultural narrative that kids think “vegetables are gross.”

Absolutely Love the Creative Path My Business Allows Me to Pursue

I also started working as a personal chef soon after graduating and I have been doing so ever since. The creative, learning adventure that had been the cultivation of my business over the past 7 years has been nothing short of miraculous and delightful, and of course, has had many steep learning curves as well. I absolutely love the creative path my business allows me to pursue.

If training at Bauman College is part of your path, whether for personal or professional reasons, or both, then I suggest you dive in. The curriculum is rich with value and learning and the instructors truly care that you make the most of your training. Remember that how deep you take your educational experience is always up to you so go for what you want and engage at the level that is truly satisfying and valuable to you.

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Have Work You Love

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