Nutrition Consultant Student Terrelya Hoskins is Ready to Take on the World as The Farming Nutritionist

Terrelya Hoskins, Nutrition Consultant Program Student, The Farming Nutritionist and Host of the "Let Me Tell Ya with Lady T" podcast
Terrelya Hoskins, Nutrition Consultant Program Student, The Farming Nutritionist and Host of the “Let Me Tell Ya with Lady T” podcast

Terrelya Hoskins is a soon-to-be graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Online Program. Read how Terrelya is already thriving and shows no signs of stopping, with a multi-faceted career in Holistic Nutrition.

A Serious Health Issue in the Height of the Pandemic

I encountered a serious health issue in the height of a pandemic. Most of the state was shut down due to the pandemic, including doctors’ offices. I had to do a process of elimination and figured out my stomach stopped digesting food properly.

The main way to correct the issue was to heal the stomach by rebuilding the stomach lining. The issue was the doctors weren’t in any position to help on how to do that. So I did an elimination diet to figure out what I could and couldn’t digest.

Bauman College Kept Coming up as a Top School for Holistic Nutrition

I saw a documentary where I witnessed someone speaking and she had “Certified Holistic Nutritionist” as her title. After researching what that was I realized that it was a good fit for me as I became seriously passionate about nutrition.

Then, I started searching reputable schools and noticed Bauman College kept coming up as a top school for Holistic Nutrition. I chose Bauman College because it’s remote, highly accredited, and highly recommended.

Help People Heal Through Food

Bauman College has been such a blessing. I originally attended to help me and my condition. I didn’t realize how much I could help the people with various conditions and how to heal through food.

The Farming Nutritionist logo
The Farming Nutritionist

We’re at the last month or two of school and I’ve learned so much! The instructors do an amazing job with the curriculum.

I started The Farming Nutritionist because I grow my own fruits, veggies, and herbs and I teach nutrition. Although I’m consumed with getting through these last few weeks of school (as well as getting my daughter through her last month of high school), I’m excited to take on the world.

I started a podcast in early December 2021, only to be picked up by a radio station! I’m live on radio every Sunday afternoon and the show is called “Let Me Tell Ya With Lady T” on Power 98.5 Satellite Radio.

My First Speaking Engagement as a Holistic Nutritionist

I’ve been invited to my first speaking engagement as a Holistic Nutritionist in the beginning of June. I eat primarily plant-based/vegan foods but have since started eating wild-caught salmon once a week after learning its benefits through school.

Graphic for Let Me Tell Ya with Lady T on Power 98.5 Satellite Radio
Let Me Tell Ya with Lady T on Power 98.5 Satellite Radio

I just wanted to take the time to thank the instructors at school for being so amazing!! I absolutely recommend Bauman College, especially since it’s online/remote. Which is great for those who are working full-time, have children, and/or want to finish assignments at their own pace (yes the assignments have a deadline but you can do them on your own time). Thank you Bauman College!!

The Best Thing I did was to not put it off

If you are thinking of going to Bauman College, do not put it off!! The best thing I did was to not put it off. When I inquired about joining the program, the next program was set to begin in a little over a week.

Otherwise, it would’ve been another three months later. I decided to go for it. I knew that if I put it off, I was going to figure out a reason not to do it. So I decided to GO FOR IT. And I’m really glad I did!!

Connect with Terrelya online at or You can also find her on Instagram @thefarmingnutritionist or @lady_terrelyah

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