“We are only limited by our minds and what we believe we can accomplish” – JaNique Sadler, Home Health Aide & Nutrition Consultant Student

Nutrition Consultant Student, JaNique Sadler, Home Health Aide

Bauman College’s 15-month Online Nutrition Consultant Program allows students both near and far to have work they love, or add skills to a profession they are already passionate about. Meet, JaNique, a Home Health Aide who lives in Ohio, and current Nutrition Consultant Student.

Hello everyone, my name is JaNique Sadler, I am currently in Ohio, where I was born and raised. My interest for nutrition was created by a lifestyle change to not consume beef or pork around the age of 14-15, this change was implemented into my household in support of my younger brother who had recently been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Little did I know this change would put me on a lifetime journey of self discovery and discipline. Seeing the difference in my health versus the average person is when I started seeking answers about the relationship between food and health.

However, my first loves are math and art so I attended college studying engineering on a path for civil engineering. While trying to pursue that dream circumstances always brought me back to healthcare. I have been a Home Health Aide for a total of 5 years, taking care of people with conditions from mental challenges to complete physical disabilities.

As a home health aide, the thing I enjoy the most about my job is being most helpful to those in need. Being helpful is both my strength and weakness because I tend to put others before myself, but the joy I feel seeing a person in a better state then when I met them is always fulfilling. With all these different experiences I believe I can create a brand that provides encouragement to those who suffer from their lifestyle to change and become a better version of themselves.

We are only limited by our minds and what we believe we can accomplish.

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