Become a Personal Chef

Are you considering a career as a personal chef, or private chef?  You might in fact be wondering exactly what a personal or private chef actually does, and how this might differ from other cooking careers?

If this sounds like you, we invite you to explore the resources linked via the images below. These articles share valuable information about what it’s like to work full-time as a personal chef. You’ll learn about some of the great benefits of this career path and lifestyle, along with some insights from a few personal chefs in their own journeys of helping people eat healthier.

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What is a Personal Chef?
At Bauman College, we train culinary professionals including personal or private chefs, meal-delivery chefs, and dinner-party caterers. What does this career entail? Well, a personal or private chef works for individuals and/or families, preparing personalized meals….
Alumni Spotlight - Shannon Valle
"I have had the opportunity to cook for professional athletes including a boxer, a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, and two football players for the Oakland Raiders. I have taught cooking classes, organized community dinners, cooked plant-based meals for weekend retreats, served four-course meals to large groups, and traveled to Spain for a culinary tour….”
Alumni Spotlight - Natalie Wells
“I began with a lot of clients with conditions such as SIBO and candida yeast overgrowth, as these were conditions I suffered from myself. Now I have moved more towards preparing whole foods that are seasonal and delicious for those who are just too busy to cook!”

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