Personal Chefs Are the New Food Delivery Service

By Claire McCann, Natural Chef Alumna What is a personal chef? At Bauman College, we train culinary professionals including personal or private chefs, meal-delivery chefs, and dinner-party caterers. What does this career entail? Well, a personal or private chef works for individuals and/or families, preparing personalized meals that suit their unique needs and preferences. Personal

Thinking About Becoming a Natural Chef? Explore These Unique Career Paths

Becoming trained as a natural chef is a progressive approach to a traditional skill set. It’s a way to help people connect to our symbiotic relationship with food—we nourish the soil that gives life to our sustenance, and the food we eat keeps us thriving. It’s no longer enough to simply know how to prepare

What’s in Season in Winter

In the late fall and winter months, seasonal vegetables can seem sparse and uninteresting after riding the coattails of summer’s avocado and tomato bounty. However, many varieties of satiating root vegetables and antioxidant-rich leafy greens are available, which are perfect for the cold winter months. Here is a handy list* of produce that is in

Creating Healthy Recipes for Kid Chefs

by Ashley Moulton, Founder, CEO, and Nomster in Chief of Nomster Chef Nomster Chef is a digital library of illustrated recipe storybooks that help kids cook with their parents. I’m on a mission to raise a healthier generation of kids and a happier generation of parents by helping families cook together, and I’m thrilled to share

Flawless Flavors — A Balancing Act

There is a science to taste that involves the tongue, the nose, the brain, and numerous other factors that are being studied in labs around the world. But on a basic level, taste is what inspires us to eat; it elicits enjoyment and cravings and makes us want more of whatever it is we’re putting

What is a Coulis?

Meet Chef Student Meredith Stone Favorite Inspirational Quote: “Food is medicine, consciousness is everything, and a clean body makes a happy existence.” Gwyneth Paltrow Reason for becoming a chef? Most of my childhood meals consisted of meat with a side of canned peas and corn. It wasn’t until I was 25 when I moved to

Sweet Alternatives: A Sugar Substitution Guide

  All concentrated sweeteners are best used sparingly so that blood sugar levels can remain stable. For daily sweet treats, fresh, seasonal fruit makes an ideal choice. For baking or other sweetening needs, the following chart can help guide your decisions on what to use for more healthful alternatives. Selected highlights from the “Healthful Sweet