What is a Coulis?

Meet Chef Student Meredith Stone Favorite Inspirational Quote: “Food is medicine, consciousness is everything, and a clean body makes a happy existence.” Gwyneth Paltrow Reason for becoming a chef? Most of my childhood meals consisted of meat with a side of canned peas and corn. It wasn’t until I was 25 when I moved to Read More

Sweet Alternatives: A Sugar Substitution Guide

  All concentrated sweeteners are best used sparingly so that blood sugar levels can remain stable. For daily sweet treats, fresh, seasonal fruit makes an ideal choice. For baking or other sweetening needs, the following chart can help guide your decisions on what to use for more healthful alternatives. Selected highlights from the “Healthful Sweet Read More

Culinary Careers Panel

  Natural Chef students have a unique ability to change the world through nutrition throughout various employment sectors including hospitality, nonprofit, corporate & residential dining, catering & food production companies, schools, resorts, spas, and health clubs. Students may choose to work directly for a company or organization or become a food entrepreneur and start up Read More

The 411 in Sprouting

Sprouts provide a concentrated source of nutrients and are fairly simple to make. What you’ll need: Seeds (grains, beans, nuts) – see sprouting chart for amounts Water to soak and cover And time, as the seeds need to be soaked over several hours. Seed Chart – Click on the image to enlarge. Chart provided by Read More

Pucker up!

Lemon season has begun! That being said, it is important to know how to use the abundance of lemons before they go bad. Never throw out a lemon! Lemons are one of those foods that can be used in almost any form.  If you can’t use them while they are fresh on your counter, squeeze Read More