Nutrition Consultant Career Opportunities

Nutrition Consultant Career Opportunities
Tiffany Hunter, MBA, BS, NC
Tiffany Hunter, MBA, BS, NC

Are you interested in exploring a career as a nutrition consultant? Have you wondered what a nutrition consultant does and how you can create a rewarding career in a growing field?

Check out the article below for Nutrition Consultant career tips. Also, you can learn more about Tiffany and our other amazing instructors by visiting our faculty page.

What does a Nutrition Consultant (NC) do?

Nutrition Consultants (NCs) play an important role in promoting health and wellness specifically through optimal nutrition as well as lifestyle and behavioral factors.

The key role of a NC is to educate, inspire, and empower clients (and companies, communities, health practitioners, etc.) to make healthy food choices and implement and maintain healthy habits. This role is especially important in today’s world heavily burdened by chronic disease, malnutrition, and constant stressors.

Graduates of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Online Program are working in:

  • Private Nutrition Consulting
  • Wellness Education
  • Health Coaching
  • Wellness Centers
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Workshop Leader
  • Health Writing and Blogging
  • Public Speaking

How does Bauman College Prepare Me to become a Nutrition Consultant?

During your time as a student in the NC program, you will also gain valuable hands-on experience to build your confidence to launch your career after graduation. While in the program, you will have opportunities to work with sample clients and learn health coaching skills.

In addition, you will complete a Practicum course, where you will gain hands-on experience leading a nutrition education workshop series to the community. You will also complete a comprehensive Business course where you will finish with a completed business plan and resume! Lastly, you will have access to Career Services to help you as you conduct your job search and/or prepare to launch your business.

Learn even more about Nutrition Consultant Career Options in a previous article written by our very own Tiffany Hunter, MBA, BS, NC.

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