Bauman College Grad Jen Franco Reduces Food Waste and Nourishes Communities as Culinary Director of Food Shift

Food waste is a serious issue in the U.S. According to Food Shift, approximately 35% of food in the U.S., amounting to 80 billion pounds, are thrown away each year…. Read More

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Holistic Chef Miriam Jones Reinvents Herself as ‘The Resource Queen’ of Alternative Foods

Miriam Jones wasn’t always known to her friends as “The Resource Queen” of alternative foods. Prior to her career change, Miriam was a successful business owner and caregiver. So what… Read More

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Rustic Wild Mushroom Risotto by Holistic Chef Student Jordan Mohney

Jordan Mohney is a current student of our Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program. In a recent class, Jordan made a vegan version of a delicious and comforting Rustic Wild Mushroom… Read More

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