Smoky Herbed Coleslaw

Time to change up the coleslaw for tomorrow’ s BBQ. Celebrate the Fourth with some nutrient dense veggies! Cabbage is a densely nutritive vegetable, packed with antioxidants and other cancer-preventative compounds. Ingredients ¾ lb purple cabbage, cored and finely shredded ¾ lb green cabbage, cored and finely shredded 1 large carrot, grated ½ small red

Saying “I Love You” With Chocolate Just Got Better

Author: Jodi Friedlander, NC, is a Bauman College graduate, NANP Board Certified as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. She is the Nutrition Curriculum Consultant for Bauman College: Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, as well as the author and co-author of their textbooks and many articles that can be found on the school’s website and in its publications. In addition, she maintains

Chocolate is for Lovers and Octogenarians

by Helayne Waldman, Ed.D., N.E. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and millions of American women are looking forward to the smoothest textured, the most seductively sweet and unashamedly romantic gift of all: a box of heart-stopping chocolates. But lest you think that chocolate is one of those phenomena that’s quintessentially American, consider the fact that the

Holiday Stress + Your Health

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but for many it is a time of stress. Traveling, preparing for events, and the fear of gaining weight causes unwanted anxiety. Now is the perfect time to slow down and think about how your mindset is affecting your health and well being. Check out

Holiday Food Traditions – History, Meaning, and Nutrition

The month of December is full of holidays with rich traditions. These holidays are generally joyous occasions when people find themselves reconnected with seldom-seen family and friends for the purpose of celebration. Food and drink are a central part of just about any gathering and, however your family chooses to celebrate, chances are there’s a

Another Reason to Celebrate

With the holiday season upon us, sugary sweet indulgences seem to be lurking at every office party, open house, and seasonal gathering.  Many of us make and eat the same indulgent desserts each year, despite the refined sugar and white flour.  Traditions are good, but imbalanced blood sugar and expanding waist lines are not. This