Spring Cleaning

It’s time to clean out those cupboards, dump the processed foods you may have accumulated throughout the winter, vacuum under the coach, throw upon the windows to let the fresh air in, and scrub the counters and floors clean.  Spring cleaning can be a therapeutic and healthy way to welcome in the spring season and

Exercise and Your Memory

Written by: Beth Levine Aerobic exercise can not only help you lose weight in all the right places but also gain something in one very important place: your brain.  A region of your brain that is essential to memory has been shown in a recent study to increase in volume after getting regular cardiovascular exercise.

40 Days of Yoga: Days 40 and Beyond

Well, it’s no secret that I did not keep up with daily blogging during 40 Days of Yoga. I did, however, keep up with the yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, and all around dropping into my life. I’ve also been able to find some compassion for myself around not keeping my blog promise. I can say

40 Days of Yoga: Day 34

Food journaling has taught me to be really aware when cravings arise. I ask all sorts of questions of myself – what is causing my craving? Is it emotional hunger? Is it physical hunger? How strong is the craving? Would yielding to the cravings actually satisfy it? And if not, what tools do I have

40 Days of Yoga: Day 33

I’ve mentioned a little about the difficulty I’ve experienced with the many emotions that have come up during this last week of deep mind, body, and soul searching. It’s not just the 40 Days of Yoga; it’s the way the 40 Days of Yoga is interplaying with the rest of my life. During Week Three,

40 Days of Yoga: Day 32

I’ve been playing around with food combining since I finished the 40 Days of Yoga cleanse. Some people find that food combining aids in excellent digestion and an overall feeling of lightness. It’s something I’ve played around with before, but the simplicity of the foods I was eating during the cleanse inspired me to return

40 Days of Yoga: Day 30

I’ve already admitted that I fell a bit off the meditation wagon. I’m only human, and that’s fine by me. I’d like to share an interesting lesson I learned on the road back. As I mentioned last week, I was feeling a little under the weather. Over the weekend it got a bit worse, and

40 Days of Yoga: Day 29

After four weeks of regular yoga, meditation, journaling, and making friends with the divine inside me, I began to live in a space where I felt perfectly content and secure. Even though I couldn’t imagine how life could feel any better, I found myself wondering – what next? I’m so happy, and yet there must

40 Days of Yoga: Day 28

Confession: I haven’t been blogging every day. Those savvy readers out there who fancy themselves a little bit of a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy may have already figured this out by reading the publishing date and time on each post. In any event, I’ve been quite busy, and I got to a point where