“Kitchen Impossible” Continues… Paleo Cake

Another friend, another celebration, another cake. If you’ve been following the Kitchen Impossible series then you know that I truly enjoy and relish in the challenge of baking cakes for… Read More

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The ULTIMATE Challenge: Baking Without

If you’ve read my last post “Kitchen Impossible: Cake Challenge” then you know that I do not shy away from culinary challenges, especially when baking is involved.  You also know… Read More

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Cake Challenge: Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar-Free Cake

I love food.  My friends love food.  And I love my friends. One of my friends is having a birthday and to show her just how much I love her,… Read More

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Making the Most of Breakfast and Lunch

Healthy Meal Options for Children Fall is in full swing, the school year is finally upon us, and our to-do lists are growing by the minute. Extracurricular activities, busy work… Read More

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Nutritious Spins on Old Favorites

By Jimmy Wilson, N.C. One of the biggest misconceptions about shifting to an Eating for Health diet is that you’ll be forced to give up your favorite foods. Our societal… Read More

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