Fresh Herb Salad with Apples + Spiced Walnuts

Thanksgiving meals can be heavy with a plethora of rich flavors and satiating dishes like candied yams, roasted turkey, and dinner rolls. Adding this salad to your menu will round out the flavors of your meal. The crispness of the green apples, radishes, and scallions paired with the brightness of parsley, cilantro, and thyme meld

National Taco Day: Bauman-Style!

It’s October 4th and that means it’s National Taco Day! Tacos are loved all over the world and can contain any combination of protein, vegetables, and toppings. So, you know when Bauman College creates a taco, we want to include as many delicious, health-supportive veggies and legumes as possible, without sacrificing flavor. The Bauman Taco,

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Photo Credit: for DollarPhotoClub We enjoy holiday temptation as much as anyone. After all, indulgence in moderation is a beautiful part of life. However, it’s all about balance, and no matter what you’re celebrating this month, you can eat those tasty treats while staying on track with your health goals. Below are our top tips

Gift In A Jar: DIY Gluten-Free Pancake Mix

GIFT IN A JAR: DIY GLUTEN-FREE PANCAKE MIX This anti-inflammatory, multigrain recipe is simple enough and delicious enough to gift to all of your friends and family this holiday season. Gluten-Free Pancake Mix Makes about 6 cups of mix, enough for two 3-cup gift jars Total Prep Time: 15 min Ingredients 3 cups sorghum flour

Give Yourself A Boost

Feeling a little run down after the holiday? Maybe you indulged, so your metabolism is trying to catch up. Here are a couple easy ways to start giving yourself a boost: Throw some flax seeds into your morning smoothie. Flax seeds are a good source of omega-3’s, which help stabilize your metabolism. Replace your coffee

Veterans Day

Today, many of us are reminded of the struggles that vets face when they return home. Whether you’ve seen the effects of war on a soldier’s mind firsthand or just read about it in articles, the mental health of returning soldiers is a concern. According to Justice For Vets, “1 in 5 veterans has symptoms