Nutrition Consultant Student Terrelya Hoskins is Ready to Take on the World as The Farming Nutritionist

Terrelya Hoskins is a soon-to-be graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Online Program. Read how Terrelya is already thriving and shows no signs of stopping, with a multi-faceted career in Holistic Nutrition. A Serious Health Issue in the Height of the Pandemic I encountered a serious health issue in the height of a pandemic. Most Read More

Bauman College Grad Lauren Bryson Enjoys a Multi-Faceted Career as a Nutrition Consultant

Lauren Bryson is a graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Program and is on a mission to authentically educate and empower clients towards health and healing from a whole-person perspective. She does this as a Holistic Nutritionist, Cooking Instructor and Wellness Facilitator. Discover more about Lauren’s multi-faceted career in the world of holistic nutrition via Read More

Bauman College Grad Shahla Rashid is a Member and Hero of the Food Allergy Community

Meet Shahla Rashid. Graduate of Bauman College, creator of My Berkeley Kitchen and co-founder of Zestfull. Shahla is a member, and mother to children in the food allergy community. Using the skills she learned at Bauman College, Shahla is a champion for those with food allergies. Learn more about Shahla and her story below. Personally Read More

Holistic Chef Student Katherine Campodonico Creates an Anti-Inflammatory Meal

Dietary Foundations of Wellness: Anti-Inflammatory Cooking In the Dietary Foundations of Wellness module in the Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program, students learn about supporting individuals with different health needs. For the first lesson, students learn about Anti-Inflammatory Cooking and are then presented with a mock client to cook a meal for, with a list of Read More

Rustic Wild Mushroom Risotto by Holistic Chef Student Jordan Mohney

Jordan Mohney is a current student of our Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program. In a recent class, Jordan made a vegan version of a delicious and comforting Rustic Wild Mushroom Risotto during the Specialty Diets section of the program. This dish is suitable for someone following a vegetarian diet and can be adapted for a Read More

Bauman College Graduate Paty Stewart’s Quest as a Holistic Chef Providing Healthy and Nutritious Food for Children

Paty’s culinary quest spans three countries, two careers and one unending passion for cooking healthier, nutrient dense food. Join Paty as she explains how she went from an Accountant in Mexico to a Holistic Chef at a Preschool along with every step in between. From Mexico to Brazil I am originally from Mexico, where I Read More

Personal Chef Shannon Valle Brings Healing, Nourishment, and Connection Through S.O.U.L. Food

Personal Chef Shannon Valle is a graduate of Bauman College’s Natural Chef Program (now Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program) who clearly knows her purpose. According to Shannon, “My purpose, whether through food, movement, or intention is to share recipes, stories, and resources that bring healing, nourishment, and connection.” Read more about Shannon below. Family, Cooking Read More