Physician Assistant Victoria Rivera was Introduced to Functional Medicine Concepts at Bauman College

Victoria Rivera is a proud graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Program. Already an experienced Physician Assistant, Victoria pursued additional training at Bauman College and beyond. Now, Victoria owns and operates Primavera Functional Medicine. Continue reading to learn more about Victoria’s pursuit of a career in functional medicine. I was Introduced to Functional Medicine Concepts I Read More

Nutrition Consultant Graduate Simone Miller Loves Helping People Feed Themselves

Simone Miller is a graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Online Program. Her life experiences and formal education combined to establish a foundation upon which her creativity has taken root and continues to grow. Learn more about Simone and her ever evolving life and love of helping people feed themselves. I Kept Being Pulled More Towards Read More

Holistic Chef Graduate Nikki Martinez’s Showcase Meal and Open Letter to Bauman College

Holistic Chef graduate Nicole (Nikki) Martinez, a full-time professional health coach, and mother, recently completed the year-long Holistic Chef Online Culinary Program to become a certified Holistic Chef in this accredited program. Check out Nikki’s showcase meal along with excerpts from an open letter she wrote about her culinary educational journey below. The Showcase Meal Read More

Holistic Chef Miriam Jones Reinvents Herself as ‘The Resource Queen’ of Alternative Foods

Miriam Jones wasn’t always known to her friends as “The Resource Queen” of alternative foods. Prior to her career change, Miriam was a successful business owner and caregiver. So what finally led Miriam to reinvent herself as a Holistic Chef? Find out by reading her story below. My World Turned Upside Down To be honest, Read More

Nancy Chang Provides Purpose & Hope With Holistic Nutrition

Nancy Chang is a graduate of our Nutrition Consultant Program and the founder of Purpose & Hope, a soup delivery business. Read more to learn about Nancy’s inspirational story that led her to create nutrient-dense, healing soups for the community. My Bubble of Ignorant Bliss was Broken The journey of starting Purpose & Hope was Read More

Jennifer Caroff Finally Found Herself in the Right Place, Facing in the Right Direction with Bauman College

Jennifer Caroff once worked as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist before pursuing a career as a Private Chef. Along the way, Jennifer occasionally does small size catering and online cooking classes. Jennifer has also developed and taught healthy cooking curriculum to a community dealing with childhood obesity. So how in the world did Jennifer Read More

Healthy Mexican Bowl Recipe by Chef Paty Stewart, Bauman College Graduate

As we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, Bauman College graduate, Chef Paty Stewart brings us a Healthy Mexican Bowl recipe honoring her mother, her Mexican heritage and the Brazilian culture. Learn more about Paty’s culinary quest, which spans three countries, two careers and one unending passion for healthy, nutrient dense food from our previous post. Read More