Managing Autoimmune Disease

  Check out this excerpt from an article written by Jodi Friedland, M.S. and Ed Bauman, M.Ed., PhD and take look at what causes autoimmune disease and how diet can affect it. Conventional medicine tends to view autoimmune illness as the result of an over-stimulated immune system that attacks organs and tissues as if they

Eating Well Away From Home

We just found this nugget on our Bauman College Forum and wanted to share it with you: The Eat Well Guide allows you to find quality sustainable food no matter where you are in the US: Just type in your zipcode to find local education centers, co-ops, restaurants, farmers, CSAs, butchers, farmers’ markets, etc. What we

What ARE Genetically Modified Fish Anyway?

We’ve been reading a lot about the increasing attention that genetically modified foods are getting. Everything from produce, to meat, to seafood are all being genetically engineered for quicker, bigger, longer-lasting ‘products’. This may work well for cost-conscious food producers but, for consumers, there remains many unresolved concerns about the ethical, environmental and health related

Pimentón de la Vera Picante

One ingredient we have our eye on is pimentón de la Vera picante , or Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika.  It has a robust flavor, attention grabbing heat, and rounded smokey finish which adds a rich complexity to dishes. The capsicum peppers used for paprika provide a whole host of other nutritional benefits.  Its most noteworthy

Kashi Helps to Decode Nutrition Labels

Things we love! We shouldn’t have to research the ingredient list on our nutrition labels but with names like BUTYLATED HYDROXYANISOLE and SILICON DIOXIDE it is some times a necessity. For some help navigating those complicated labels check out Kashi’s Ingredient Decoder and print out a table of some commonly used good and bad ingredients.

40 Days of Yoga: Days 40 and Beyond

Well, it’s no secret that I did not keep up with daily blogging during 40 Days of Yoga. I did, however, keep up with the yoga, meditation, journaling, reading, and all around dropping into my life. I’ve also been able to find some compassion for myself around not keeping my blog promise. I can say

“Kitchen Impossible” Continues… Paleo Cake

Another friend, another celebration, another cake. If you’ve been following the Kitchen Impossible series then you know that I truly enjoy and relish in the challenge of baking cakes for people with very specific, and often very limited, diets.  I have already tackled gluten-free , dabbled in sugar-free, stopped over in corn and soy-free, and

The ULTIMATE Challenge: Baking Without

If you’ve read my last post “Kitchen Impossible: Cake Challenge” then you know that I do not shy away from culinary challenges, especially when baking is involved.  You also know that I love my friends something fierce and I insist on them having fabulous and delicious Birthday cakes.  Well, another, even BIGGER challenge presented itself

Can Feasting and Fasting Be Equally Healthy for You?

By Ed Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D. and Debbie Gisonni The insatiable desire for a quick fix to achieve health and weight loss sends most people from one extreme to another in their diets and, ultimately, their lives. Deprivation is usually the common thread in most diets, and traditional fasting takes that concept to the extreme. On