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Fats: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Part 2

Are you confused about fats? Are you seeing conflicting and contradictory information about dietary fats on social media and on television? Have you noticed that foods like eggs that were... Read More

Nutrition Consultant Grad Collette Richey Took a Chance and Never Looked Back

Collette Richey is a graduate of Bauman College’s Nutrition Consultant Program. After overcoming several obstacles, Collette has big plans and wants the world to watch her story blossom. Learn how... Read More

40 Days of Yoga: Day 8

As I think back on all the things I blogged and journaled about throughout Week One, I realize that my theme for the first week of 40 Days of Yoga… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 7

Today I had an amazing opportunity to meet with a group of colleagues to discuss The Spirituality of Eating. One specific aspect of our curriculum at Bauman College, the Eating… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 6

Sometimes you have a class or a day so amazing that you are left speechless. And that’s okay. You can cherish it for yourself. Wordlessly, Sita

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 5

Today I discovered the sweetness at the bottom of the exhale. I think I’ve been rushing through my exhales in order to quickly get to my next inhale. In yoga,… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 4

I love yoga. I find myself looking forward to my practice all day. That being said, there’s a moment in most classes where I think to myself, “why the heck… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 3

All day I’ve been feeling crazy euphoric. The time between when I woke up and left for work seemed to stretch on forever (when does that happen?!), and I’ve been… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 2

Meditation is hard. As much as I look forward to those times where I can completely silence my thoughts, I always find about a million things to think about in… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga: Day 1

Part of the 40 Days workshop is a focus on diet, specifically eating mindfully. That concept may not seem radical to most, but when you’re asked to think about what… Read More

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40 Days of Yoga – One Chef’s Journey through Mind, Body, and Spirit

Once upon a time, I visited a yoga studio where they had posted the most clever, and possibly most profound, sign in their women’s restroom. It read “You have the… Read More

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Hashimotos Autoimmune Thyroiditis: Eating for Health Applications for Recovery

By Jodi Friedlander, N.C. & Edward Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D. As the world becomes more polluted, the incidence of “autoimmune” disease will steadily increase. Our environment is killing us and no medicine… Read More

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