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Discover a place where your love for holistic nutrition and culinary arts finds its home. At Bauman College, we’re more than a vocational school; we’re a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of nourishment. Immerse yourself in a journey that blends science, taste, and creativity, guiding you toward a rewarding career that embraces wellness, sustainability, and the joy of good food. Explore our blog to stay connected with the latest trends, inspiring stories, and expert insights from the heart of holistic nutrition and culinary arts.

Summer Fruit Pavlova with Coconut Custard and Honeyed Berries by Chef Martina Russial

Holistic Chef Program Instructor Martina Russial loves making desserts that feature seasonal ingredients, and what better time to feature berries than in the peak of summer!   This dessert allows you... Read More

How Bauman College Helps You Build the Career of Your Dreams

Tiffany Hunter, instructor in our Nutrition Consultant Online Program, shares some tips on how to achieve the career of your dreams! Check out the article below for career tips and... Read More

Food Love

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ―George Bernard Shaw   By Ed Bauman, M.Ed., Ph.D. Let’s admit it, we love to eat. When we eat well,… Read More

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Food is Life

  By Helge Hellberg It’s been a long time – twelve years – since I graduated from Bauman College in Santa Cruz as a Nutrition Consultant. I signed up for the program… Read More

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Culinary Careers Panel

  Natural Chef students have a unique ability to change the world through nutrition throughout various employment sectors including hospitality, nonprofit, corporate & residential dining, catering & food production companies,… Read More

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A Fresh Take on the Culinary Arts

  The Bauman College Natural Chef program offers a fresh take on the culinary arts by going beyond a traditional culinary education.  By being part of the program, students not… Read More

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Making the Most of Breakfast and Lunch

Healthy Meal Options for Children Fall is in full swing, the school year is finally upon us, and our to-do lists are growing by the minute. Extracurricular activities, busy work… Read More

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10 Eating for Health Tips

A meal is more than the food choices you make. It is a process that evolves from the time the food is prepared to the time it hits your taste… Read More

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Oats: Do They or Don’t They Belong in a Gluten-Free Diet?

By Jodi Friedlander, N.C. November 10, 2013 Are you confused as to whether oats, even those that are certified gluten-free, can be tolerated by people with celiac disease and other forms… Read More

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Eating Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

By Mira Dessy, Certified Nutrition Educator As the days get shorter, some people also transition into Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression that may affect as many as seven out of… Read More

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Addressing the Issue of Arsenic in Rice

By Edward Bauman, M.Ed, Ph.D. and Jodi Friedlander, M.S., N.C. In the 1944 cinematic comedy Arsenic and Old Lace, two elderly maidens “charitably” murder lonely old bachelors with glasses of arsenic-tainted… Read More

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Saturated Fats: Separating Myth from Fact

By Jodi Friedlander, N.C. Due to studies first undertaken in the 1950s, it has been generally accepted that consuming saturated fats and dietary cholesterol will lead to increased serum cholesterol,… Read More

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